Hello, I'm Pam Bolton,  head coach of the 1st and 2nd grade Challengers.  My husband Dean and I have a daughter Brandi (35) and a 4 year old granddaughter Sophie, who is enrolled in the Olympian Gophers.  We are active at Wilton Bible Baptist where Dean teaches 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school, and he works with the 3rd thru 6th grade boys in the new Olympian program.  I am the Sunday school director, and I want to encourage you to attend our Sunday school. We have classes from ages 2 years and up, including 4 adult and ladies classes. If you visit, just ask for me and I will direct you to a class.  I've worked with our children's ministry the last several years as a director and club secretary, and I'm very excited about our new Olympians program.  
I've seen how our culture has changed over the last several years, and it's more important than ever to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our children are fed a steady diet of sin, corruption, and the evilness that exists in our country and the entire world.  Plus this information is available  at their finger tips.  This is not what I want for my grand daughter,  and not what we want for our children.  But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 19:14.
This new program works to instill growth and knowledge of our Lord, and teaches them to spend daily quiet times with the Lord which is such an important part of their growth.  We have a 30 minute lesson each week that includes the whole group, plus personal training sessions that includes a leader and 4 children.  This allows us to go deeper in the lesson, answer questions,  and get closer to each child. As leaders we want to encourage each child's growth, and the importance of their daily walk with our Lord. The most exciting part of this new program is the daily quiet time.  The quiet time journal is available for each child at a cost of $25.00 and is available at the welcome area.  We strongly encourage each child to purchase a journal.  Daily quiet time is vital for their growth and knowledge, and the journal makes it easy and fun.  
We also have games, snacks, and fun events throughout the year.  Please check the calendar for updates and new events.  
Please take a moment to register your child using the link at the top of this page.  This will help our secretary with her records, especially on the first night of clubs.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at or Pam Killingsworth Bolton on Facebook.
This is an exciting time for our children's ministry, and all of us at Wilton Bible Baptist are committed to sharing the gospel, evangelism, and discipleship.  Please join us as we spread the gospel and share the love of God for these children.  This is more important than ever!!!

Pam Bolton