November 08 is Election Day.  In most states, people can vote early so I recognize that several million have already voted.  It is hard to imagine voting for someone whose beliefs and practices contradict the principles of the Bible.

In 1938, the name Boston Curtis appeared on the ballot for Republican Committeeman from Wilton, Washington. The town’s mayor sponsored him to demonstrate that people know very little about their candidates. Who was this candidate?  The candidate was a mule and the mayor was right because the mule won.

What is sad about this true story is that people take very little time to learn what their candidates stand for and support.  It has been brought to my attention that the most important vote cast in this election would be for those running for local offices.

Most people will vote among party lines rather than for issues. This is not an attempt to be a partisan message or to promote one candidate over the other.  We are faced with an election that has put many of our Biblical principles into question and the next president might have the responsibility of choosing up to 3 maybe 4 Supreme Court justices.  It is this court that will decide the morals of this country, not our president, but the president will be the one to nominate them into position.

I will not vote for a candidate because of a political party nor for a candidate because he or she will make things righteous and bring this country back to its knees.  In reality, that can only be accomplished by the Lord through the life of the believer.  We are not electing a pastor but a president.  But having said that, we are to vote on principles and conscience and not on favoritism.

Many are confused with this election because, "It is like voting on the lesser of two evils!"  While that may be true, remember, to 'not vote' has the potential to put into office the "greater of the two evils."  To choose to not vote is to become irrelevant to the process, and I do not believe this to be God's will for the believer.

This next Tuesday, I urge you to vote.  Vote your conscience and examine yourself so that your conscience is driven by Biblical Principles and not party favoritism.

Someone has said, "God judges a nation by giving them a wicked ruler."  May God have mercy on the United States of America and may He not give us what we deserve!