While doing a hospital visitation, I overheard a conversation in an elevator between three nurses.  One of the nurses was getting married and she was talking about her excitement in getting married, she made the comment, “I am not going to move everything I own to the house, just in case this doesn’t work.”  It occurred to me, she was not planning for the marriage to succeed.  In fact, quite the contrary, she was planning for the marriage to fail.  This seems to be the attitude of most today.  We have prenuptial agreements and contingency plans in case of failures and all of this is to make it easier to end the marriage.  In his classic book, “Communication: Key to Your Marriage”, H. Norman Wright states: “That once permanent bastion of security and ‘til death do us part’ commitment has become for too many an impermanent gamble lasting ‘til divorce seems convenient.’”1


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