Our Passion is Disciple-Making

At Wilton Bible, we make it our priority to help you learn about God and develop a personal relationship with Him. From your first visit as a guest you will have the opportunity to engage in a Bible studies, taking Bible classes, or building relationships in Christ with one another.  

We are increasingly developing a culture of learning about Jesus Christ for everyone, according to Matthew 28:19-20. We offer a pleasant environment with many opportunities for genuine saints to become committed followers of Jesus Christ through personal mentoring, small group Bible studies, and large corporate teaching. 

In addition to focusing on making diciples, Wilton provides many other opportunities to learn and grow. You will find WBBC to be an exciting place to learn, build, and live your faith. We provide multiple venues to grow, demonstrate and share our faith: worship services, Bible studies, classroom training, and a variety of children, teen and adult ministries.